Marching band

The CSU Marching Band

The Invincible Marching Marauders — the Pride of CSU 

The Invincible Marching Marauders are an integral part of your college experience and the pride of CSU. Their spectacular performances rivet audiences at Homecoming, games, and big and small school events.

Step Up, Show Out

From the band’s drill designs to their musical arrangements, the Invincible Marching Marauders step it up a notch. They bring excitement and exceptional pageantry to school events all year long.   

Showcasing Marauder Spirit  

Central State’s marching band performed at the World Bowl of the World League of American Football in Barcelona and in London. It’s appeared multiple times at the Honda Battle of the Bands. And it was featured in the film Dave Chapelle’s Block Party. Today, this tradition of representing the Marauder spirit of excellence on the world stage continues under director Blake K. Gaines.

Financial Aid

Marching Band Scholarships

You don’t need to be a music major to qualify for a band scholarship. All wind or percussion players who are full-time students can audition.

Audition for the Band

Ready to be part of a precision marching machine that’s also family? Join the Invincible Marching Marauders! You’ll work hard and play hard, experiencing the thrill of excelling on the field and in the concert hall. Plus you’ll form lifelong friendships.

  • All full-time students can experience what it feels like to be a member of the Invincible Marching Marauders and to perform with P.R.I.D.E (Potential, Respect, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence).  

    Members of the band are required to: 

    • Attend all band performances 

    • Enroll in Marching and Concert Band in the fall semester and Chamber Winds in the spring  

    • Be in good financial standing — with all band fees paid to Central State 

    • Sign a document stating you understand and comply with the above requirements for band members 


  • You can audition through a virtual audition or a video submission.  

    To schedule a virtual in-person audition via Zoom, contact or register online here. 

    All prerecorded video submissions must adhere to the following guidelines: 

    1. At the beginning of your video, clearly state: 

    • Your full name 

    • The name of your high school 

    • The name of your band director 

    • Your intended major  

    • Your GPA 

    2. Perform the audition requirements for your instrument  

  • All prerecorded video auditions should be saved as an MP4 file or uploaded to your YouTube channel and then included as an attachment or link in an email to or 

  • In your audition, be prepared to: 

    • Perform rudiments — prepare all 40 rudiments; you’ll be asked to perform a selection 

    • Perform on mallets and/or timpani 

    • Perform a snare solo, demonstrating your skill set and proficiency 

  • In your audition, be prepared to: 

    • Perform scales — prepare for all 12 scales; you’ll be asked to perform at least four  

    • Perform the chromatic scale, showcasing your full range 

    • Perform a music solo at a grade 3 or above that demonstrates your skill and proficiency 

    • Sightread 

    Register to Audition

  • To schedule a virtual in-person audition via Zoom, contact or register online here. All prerecorded video auditions should be emailed to or  

    If you have general questions, please email Blake Gaines, Director of Bands, at or phone him at 937-376-6405.  

    Inquiries can also be mailed to Blake Gaines, Director of Bands, Central State University, Department of Fine and Performing Arts, P.O. Box 1004, Wilberforce, OH 45384. 

    Register to Audition