Library Guides

Use the library's Research Databases to find articles covering many academic disciplines using a variety of search methods.  For articles not available online, use the Find It link included with the citation to display where a copy of the article can be found.



EBSCOhost Tutorials - Tutorials on how to search many EBSCO databases hosted on YouTube.
Introduction to EBSCOhost - PowerPoint Tutorial
Advanced Searching on EBSCOhost - PowerPoint Tutorial
Citing Articles on EBSCOhost - Video Tutorial
CQ Researcher Overview - Video Tutorial
CQ Researcher - PDF Guide
Films on Demand - Quickstart PDF Guide
Films on Demand: Add Quizzes to Videos - PDF Guide
Gale Academic OneFile - Video Tutorial
Gale Academic OneFile - PDF Resource Guide
Gale in Context: College - Video Tutorial
Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints - Video Tutorial
Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints - PDF Resource Guide
Guide to Literary Research, Writing and Critical Reading - A tutorial from Literary Reference Center that provides information to support research and the writing process.
HeinOnline - Video Tutorial
JSTOR - Video Tutorials
Nexis Uni - Video Tutorials
SIRS Issues Researcher - PowerPoint Tutorial

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