Student Employment


Step 1 of the Hiring Process

Students will complete the forms listed below to create a personnel file for the school year.  The packet is required to be completed prior to beginning employment on campus. All forms must be completed in Human Resources.


Please note that it must be the original document seeing as legally we are unable to accept copies.

Go to YouTube for a short video about completing the I-9 Form, or click here for instructions.


Step 1 of the Hiring Process

The supervisor and selected student employee will begin the first step of the E.P.A.F. process and the Student Employment packet.  As a supervisor, check for the Electronic Personnel Action Form link on the Employee tab in Self-Service Banner.  If you do not have the link, please send a request to Dana Frisco at note Student Employment – EPAF Link Activation in the subject line.  You will receive confirmation from the Student Employment office once the link is active.

Step 2 of the Hiring Process

Enter the information into the E.P.A.F system in Self-Service Banner.  To complete the process be sure to save and submit the electronic form once the form is complete. Important Note:  You should make sure the Transaction Status shows “Pending.”  If your transaction is “Waiting” then you have not fully submitted the E.P.A.F. 

Step 3 of the Hiring Process

Visit your Originator Summary Queue often to find out the status of your E.P.A.F.  Once the Transaction Status is updated to “Completed” you may contact your student employee with a start date.  Please have your student check to ensure they have access to their timesheet.  If not, please notify the Student Employment office immediately.

O:  937-376-6546

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Student Employment Process