What is the Office of the Registrar?
The Office of the Registrar conducts the process of registering students in courses, maintaining official academic records, and certifying students for graduation. This office is also responsible for calculating and recording the academic progress of students.
Can college credits that I took while I was in high school count towards my degree at CSU?
They may, and we accept credits for College level courses whose grades are “C” or better (“D” for in-state) classes accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Middle States, New England, North Central, Southern, and Western Association of Colleges and Schools.  Please request an official transcript be sent from the College/University (not the high school) and have it sent via one of the below electronic methods:
    • Direct email to admissions@centralstate.edu
    • Parchment.com
    • National Student Clearinghouse
    • eScrip-Safe
Or you can hand deliver your official transcript, however it has to be sealed by the college/university only.
When will I get my class schedule?
Once you pay your matriculation and orientation fee ($105.00), you will be contacted by the University Student Success Center within 14 days regarding registration.  Once registered, you will be able to see your schedule on the MyCSU portal.
How many classes will I take?
Central State University follows a 15 credits x 8 semesters paradigm, so students should be registered for no less than 15 credits per semester.  This is subject to adjustment based on major.  Full-time enrollment is 12 – 18 credit hours per semester.
How will I pick my classes?
All first-time freshmen are registered for a “block” of classes based on each major.  Each block is created with your major in mind and consists of required courses that are needed to start your academic journey.  You will be able to choose your courses during your second semester.
How do I know who my academic advisor is? 
Our freshmen academic advisors are indicated by major:
  • Sondra Armstrong, sarmstrong1@centralstate.edu – College of Business and Undecided majors

  • Harold Dixon, hdixon@centralstate.edu – College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture: Biology, Chemistry, Sustainable Agriculture, Computer Science, Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Water Resources Management, Exercise Science.

  • Harold Dixon, hdixon@centralstate.edu – College of Education: Agricultural Education, Early Childhood, Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Social Studies, Intervention Specialist, Life Science, Middle Childhood, Physical Science, Recreation

  • Kristin Myers-Young, kmyers-young@centralstate.edu – College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Political Science (Pre-Law or Public Administration), Psychology, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology

  • Kaila Ryan, kryan@centralstate.edu – Bounce Back Program

  • Lakeysha Smith, lsmith1@centralstate.edu – College Credit Plus (CCP) students and undeclared students with 30+ credit
College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Humanities, Communication, English Pre-Law or Literature, History; Fine and Performing Arts - Graphic Design, Jazz Studies, Music Education, Music Performance, Studio Art

I have seen my schedule, and I would like to add/drop a fall class?
Please email requests to add/drop classes to your academic advisor that includes:
  1. Full name
  2. Student ID #
  3. CRN#/Subject/Course # you wish to add/drop
  4. Reason for withdrawal
Your advisor will respond to the student and process the request.
I have decided not to come to Central State University, do I have to withdraw even if I haven’t attended yet?
Yes, Students seeking to withdraw from the institution should send an email from their CSU email to registrar@centralstate.edu that includes:
  1. Full name
  2. Student ID #
  3. Reason for withdrawal
This is a student-generated action.  Failure to do so will result in the students being billed for the semester.  Once we receive the email, we will respond to the student and process the request.
How can I change my major?
You can change your major by emailing the advisor from your CSU email in your current major and requesting a change (Include your name and student ID#).
Do my parents have to be authorized to receive my information?
Once a student starts classes, a FERPA form must be on file in order for parents to access the student’s information.  The FERPA form must be completed in person once the student comes on campus.
In order for parents to access students MyCSU account, the student must provide the password.

What are the requirements for establishing residency for tuition purposes?
Central State University is a state institution – residency information Residency-Appeal-Forms-Packet.pdf
How can I obtain an enrollment verification?
Email a request from your CSU email to the registrar@centralstate.edu, (include your name and student ID#).
Does the Office of the Registrar handle campus fees?

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