Bounce Back Program

Bounce back

Academic Probation status


The purpose of the Bounce Back program is to focus on students that have been placed on Academic Probation. The Bounce Back program has three basic components. They are academic support, financial literacy, and life skills. The goal is to make sure that every student has all the tools necessary to transition back to “Good Standing.” Students will learn how to handle financial aid and personal finances effectively; along with understanding key factors that will help develop crucial life skill needs.

Key Details
• Students have the chance to explain what circumstances placed them on academic probation.
• Advisors develop an action plan WITH the student to address the circumstances.
• The academic agreement is reviewed and signed as to the requirements of the Bounce Back Program.
• USS 1200 is designed to address the three components; all probation students must have this class (Exceptions: already taken it or schedule conflict)

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