Office of Retention & First-Year Experience


• To academically increase retention and persistence for the freshman.
• To ensure students are on track to reach the sophomore status (30 credit hours)
• USS 1000/USS 1200 courses
• Bounce Back Program for students with “Placed on Probation, Continued Probation and Readmit Probation” status.



To ensure that new first-time students have a good first semester, the Office of Retention & First-Year Experience will focus on early intervention. Working with academic advisors, students that are below a 2.0 (first semester) at the interim grading period will work with student success/ retention specialists.


Using the collegiate GPA Calculator, students that are under the 2.0 at interim grades will be identified. These students will be assigned and retention specialist. The success specialist will (first semester):

• Meet with the student to find out the issues that are leading them to “placed on probation” status
• Hold weekly meetings with the student to track progress
• Work with advisors on potential “withdrawals”
• Monitor attendance through Schoology
• Re-check grades at midterms