First-Year Experience and Student Success


First-Year Experience and Students Success provides retention-focused programming for first year and transfer students. The First- Year experience and student success unit is staffed by the coordinator of the First-Year Experience who oversees all aspects of the First Year and the Marauder Achievement Program. The coordinator supervises the Marauder Achievement Program Advisers and monitors all sections of the USS 1000 courses and USS 1200 courses. In addition, the Marauder Achievement Advisers provide intensive support to students on academic probation and oversee all aspects of the Marauder Achievement program. Furthermore, the Marauder Achievement Advisers facilitate social and academic focused programming while creating a student-centered learning environment in the USS 1200 course.


Fall 2022 Assembly

The Undergraduate Student Success Center was responsible for the development of the Fall 2022 Assembly, which was a meeting that formally started the students' USS 1000 course. The objective was to have a conversation about student expectations, time management, study habits, mandated meetings with advisors, tutoring services, and attendance in class. During the event, our Associate Provost delivered an academic charge.