Central State is committed to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to research integrity, prevention and detection of research misconduct, and maintain and effectively communicate and train staff regarding policies and procedures. Faculty, staff and students must adhere to university policies and procedures as detailed below.

Conflict of Interest
This policy applies to all faculty/staff members who apply for, receive, or who are currently working on a grant, contract, cooperative agreement, subgrant, subcontract, or sub-cooperative agreement which is funded in whole or in part by external funds. Forms are submitted every academic year.


Human Subjects Research (Institutional Review Board-IRB)

Responsible Conduct of Research and Human Subjects Research Certification

Faculty, staff, and students working on research funded by the National Science Foundation and/or the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies are required to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research course. It is offered online through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. Other students conducting research are also encouraged to take the course. Please visit the link below to complete the training.  All Project Directors and Principal Investigators who submit applications to the IRB are required to complete the Human Subjects Research Course as part of the application process. When completing the training, please note that at Step 7, you must select the appropriate course that pertains to you.

Visit CITI Program to complete the training.