International Travel Volunteer Agreement

The University supports global awareness and international experiences for faculty, staff and students when there is alignment to cultural or academic enrichment. International travel for limited expanse of time and for a specific purpose have internal protocols that may or may not be inclusive to the full scope covered by study abroad programs.

The protocols listed below are specific to short term international travel that is often associated with campus auxiliary groups. The initiation of these protocols begins with academic chairs and deans.

All international travel by faculty and student groups under the representation or sponsorship of the University must be approved by the provost before any internal or external contractual or verbal commitments are made.

All requests for travel must follow the protocols below:

Six Months Prior to Travel (Academic Deans and Chairs, Organization advisors)

Four Months Prior to Approved Travel (Academic Deans and Chairs, Organization advisors)

If there is tentative approval by Academic Affairs,

Two Months Prior to Travel (Academic Deans and Chairs, Organization advisors)

The department/unit travelling must prepare a travelers' manifest that includes:

Vendor and/or traveler payments should be received by Cash Management at least three months before date of travel unless otherwise specified by written contract.

Notification of travel to the American Embassy is required before travel.

Policies and forms required for international travel can be reviewed at