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ANR Programs and Resources

The agriculture and natural resources area with CSU Extension develops, conducts, and promotes programs to create sustainable farms—farms that are good stewards of the environment, improve quality of life for the farmer and the community, and are profitable to enable the farm to be available for the next and multiple generations.

Program Details

Farmers, growers, producers, and those interested are invited to participate in CSU Extension programs in agriculture and natural resources. Programs will:

Focus on interactive learning with opportunities for hands-on experiences

Provide multiple sessions to learn the basics of a subject

Be available in-person, virtual, and through an online library

Provide networking for farmers to learn from each other

Beginning Farmers

These classes are designed to help people interested in farming learn about growing crops while also developing business skills. Classes are hands-on with interactive experiences. No farming experience needed. Areas of classes include:

Growing in high tunnels

Intensive vegetable production

Livestock and/or poultry

Hydroponics and/or using soilless media


Seminars, webinars, and workshops are offered in beekeeping and are designed to help people interested in learning about taking care of bees in addition to classes for advanced beekeepers. Research in bee health and genetics is ongoing at CSU, and these workshops also provide current and new information about developing a strong bee population in Ohio.


Growing fish and plants together in a controlled environment is aquaponics. CSU Extension has a demonstration greenhouse that features two systems for farmers to view. Field days are held during the year to help interested farmers learn about aquaponics.


CSU Extension works with woodland owners to develop goals, implement best management practices, encourage sustainability and create opportunity. CSU Extension works with:

Ohio Interagency Forestry Team – providing outreach and programming for woodland management in the Appalachian region of Ohio, an area that represents the highest per-capita poverty rate in the state. The oak forests in this region provide economic incentives and CSU Extension works with the team to promote regeneration of oak and hickory to build sustainability in local economies.

Women Owning Woodlands – CSU Extension works with the Southeast Ohio Chapter to provide topical, accessible and current forestry and natural resource information to women landowners and forest practitioners.

Small Scale Farms

From raising livestock and poultry to growing fruits and vegetables, CSU Extension provides programming for farmers who are looking to maximize production on small acreage.

Organic Production

CSU Extension provides support for organic growers along with help transitioning farms from conventional to organic. Programs include workshops on utilizing organic production and how to incorporate IPM and other tools for growing.

Hemp and Natural Products

Research at Central State includes hemp and other natural products. CSU Extension organizes field days and workshops to provide growers with access to the most recent research on these crops and also provide information for growers entering these markets.

Soil Health

Soil is the base for any growing crop and CSU researchers in this area are exploring cover crops and biodiversity to keep farms sustainable through soil health. CSU Extension organizes field days and workshops to provide farmers with a road map for improving the health of their soil – whether in a rural or urban setting.