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2017-2021 Strategic Plan

In an effort to position, guide new staff, and build an effective Extension program, Central State University Extension (CSUE) formalized a strategic plan.  Over the next five years, CSUE will be organizing, developing, and implementing its Extension program in the state of Ohio.  This document reflects the current short- and long-range planning, both strategic and operational goals, objectives, and action items relevant for future guidance and development of CSUE.

In conjunction with the University’s 2014 – 2020 Strategic Plan, and anticipation of a future College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture Strategic Plan, a comprehensive and inclusive CSUE Strategic Plan – 2017-2021 was developed.   CSUE realizes that the future cannot be predicted and this plan will continue to be re-examined and revised according to assessment and updates for long-range planning and implementation of services.

This plan is divided into four major sections: Part I provides introduction, vision, and strategic initiatives; Part II provides background and Ohio’s demographic information; Part III shows impacts areas and vision of CSU Extension; and Part IV lays out the CSU Extension operational plan.

Central State University Extension Strategic Plan (PDF)