What's Done in the Dark

The play imagines and brings to life the behind-the-scenes communications between members of the criminal justice system after an innocent young black man is gunned down by police while walking down the street carrying a toy rifle he was taking to his nephew as a gift.  The police are responding to a 911 call from a white woman who has described the man as threatening and menacing. Supporting characters in the play include news reporters and citizens who are witnesses to the shooting. The play takes a surreal turn when unexpected characters from the past arrive on stage. The play will raise questions in the minds of audience members and mimic suspicions often held by members of the public who have looked on similar events in astounded bewilderment. 


The play is being presented in a hybrid format with both live audiences and a simultaneous stream on the CSU Facebook Live site: @centralstate87. It is directed by John Fleming. The video production manager is Elias Kelley. The play also features original music by Tucki Bailey. The production is performed by a troupe of Central State University students and area residents who are cast in a non-traditional race, age, and gender composition.