Marauder Information Technology Services

The computing and networking facilities of Central State University are provided to support instruction, research, public service, and other intellectual pursuits by students, faculty, and staff. Acceptable use of these facilities can be loosely defined as that which is consistent with the University's mission, does not break the law, respects the rights of others, and recognizes the value and costs of the facilities. An attitude of cooperation, a sense of goodwill, and appropriate network etiquette are expected of all University faculty, staff, and student users.

Users of the University's resources accept personal responsibility for their actions and for use of the resources allocated to them. The wasteful and frivolous use of computing and networking facilities, or allowing others to use your account, is clearly outside the definition of acceptable use.

The University respects the rights and freedoms of students, faculty, and staff. However, where it is suspected that a user's actions violate these policies or threaten the operation of the University's computing or networking facilities, the University reserves the right to monitor user activity, inspect computer files stored on University computers, and take appropriate corrective action to secure the system and protect the rights of other users.

All University email accounts will be deleted upon the user's departure from the University.

The following items are examples of unacceptable uses which, depending on the circumstances and severity, may result in verbal warning, loss of account privileges, expulsion, dismissal, or criminal prosecution:

  • Use of computing or networking facilities to violate federal or state laws, software license agreements, copyright, or University regulations and policies.
  • Attempting to bypass standard procedures or limitations set by Computer Services. This includes but is not limited to interfering with computer security systems and accessing a file without permission. Lack of file protection does not give the user a right to access data files other than their own without permission.
  • Use of computing or networking facilities for anything other than course-related, faculty-supervised research work, or University-related work. Examples include playing games and using computers for personal or commercial gain, including the use of your Central State University email address for business purposes. For users who have access to Central State University's virtual private network (VPN) access, use for non-University-related pursuits is permitted, provided that such pursuits are strictly personal and non-commercial in nature. Use of a Central State University email account is also restricted to personal and non-commercial activities.
  • Use of another person's computer account. (Special exceptions require written permission from the Director of Computer Services.)
  • Attempting to discover or distribute another user's password.
  • Sending, distributing, or displaying information that is offensive or annoying to others. Examples include sending chain letters, displaying offensive graphics, and knowingly propagating computer viruses.
  • Tampering or interfering with computers, printers, network equipment, or their configuration settings. Please report any equipment problems to Information Technology & Services.
  • Eating and drinking in student computer work areas or near computer equipment.

Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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