Nominate Central State or a CSU student, administrator, or alum for the HBCU Spotlight Awards

Posted May 17 2023
Aerial view of McPherson Stadium, college football field on the Central State University campus

The College Bowl Company recently announced a new program — the HBCU Spotlight Awards — to support the HBCU mission. The award honors accomplishments in science, technology, engineering, and math; the arts; community service; and more. 

The vision of the HBCU Spotlight Awards is that people everywhere will live peaceful, productive, and prosperous lives, and through their work, make the world better for the rest of us. The company's goal is to support those in the HBCU community who embody that vision.

If you believe that you, someone you know, or Central State University itself is making the world a better place, share that information with the HBCU Spotlight Awards by contacting