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  • Dr. Charles H. Wesley, the first president of Central State University, chose to name the library in honor of Miss Hallie Quinn Brown, a gifted elocutionist and author. Brown received national and international acclaim not only for her recitals and written works but also for her passionate belief in civil rights and African American culture. A founder of the National Association of Colored Women, she served as president from 1920-1924. In a well-publicized address in May 1925 before the International Council of Women in Washington, D.C., Brown delivered a powerful, scathing speech against discrimination. She is the author of several books, including "Bits and Odds: A Choice Selection of Recitations."

    The present three-story, handicapped-accessible library was built in 1980. In 2016, the library underwent structural repairs and interior modernization to create a more flexible space where students can gather, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

  • The mission of the Central State University H. Q. Brown Memorial Library is to meet the needs of the student and faculty within the University environment. Inherent in this mission is the need to undergird all the academic course offerings at the University. The nature of the environment, the specific needs of the faculty and students, and the types of staff and services required to meet those needs effectively will remain vital priorities of the library staff.

  • Summer library hours
    Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5p.m.
    Closed weekends
    Closed holidays



  •   Library Directory
    Acquisitions 937-376-6397
    Archives 937-376-6521
    Cataloging 937-376-6520
    Circulation 937-376-6106
    Curriculum/Media Services 937-376-6213
    Periodicals 937-376-6522
    Reference 937-376-6454


  • Faculty and Staff
    Beachman, Jennifer 937-376-6106
    Petkus, Norma 937-376-6520
    Sanders, Carolyn 937-376-6213
    Sterling, Carolin 937-376-6396
    Vaughan, Clyde W. (Jr.) 937-376-6397