Federal guidelines and resources

The Grants Resource Center

  • The Grants Resource Center (GRC) is committed to strengthening the competitive edge of colleges and university faculty members and administrators pursuing sponsored programs funding from public and private sources. Offering access to timely and actionable information on funding opportunities, providing personalized support to meet specific campus needs, and promoting networking among sponsored program professionals, GRC supports the realization of institutional goals and program development priorities.

    Member resources

    The Faculty Alert System provides registered users with customized monthly reports on funding opportunities in selected areas of interest. Faculty alerts are drawn from the GRC Deadlines publication, which gives members 90 days' notice of higher education grants and contract competitions in all disciplines. By registering for alerts and identifying specific areas of interest, faculty members can receive desktop delivery of the opportunities most relevant to them. Guide to Register for the Grants Resource Center’s Faculty Alert System

    GrantSearch is designed exclusively for GRC member campuses. It was developed to make finding federal and private foundation grant information accessible and convenient by allowing the user to search the funding opportunity database using five criteria: academic subject, activity, funding sponsor, deadline month, and text. A search engine of 1,600 private and federal funding opportunities screened for recurrence and higher education eligibility. GrantSearch is customized for faculty, administrators, staff, and partners of four-year institutions.

  • GRC obtains funded proposals regularly and provides them to members, free of charge. Proposals listed here have come to GRC through individual requests to federal agencies or to successful principal investigators (PIs). They are only for use by GRC members. See proposal abstracts

  • Limited submission requests are intended for proposals in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals an institution is allowed to submit. The responsibility of selection for submission is placed on the institution. Generally, institutions are only allowed to submit one or two proposals. Grants Resource Center (GRC) | AASCU

  • Agency Fact Sheets are available for members of the GRC Efficiency and Compliance Task Force. The task force and GRC staff worked together to compile informational one-page factsheets highlighting key information on every federal agency and sub-agency that funds university research, training, and other projects. This one-stop-shop provides information on funding opportunities, agency budgets, links to resources, contact information, agency-specific tips on applying for funding, and important things to watch out for from GRC members who have successfully worked with each agency — all in one place. American Association of State Colleges and Universities

  • The Annual Deadlines search button flags programs in GrantSearch that have the same deadline annually or none at all. This feature is designed to help GRC members prepare for proposal submissions well in advance, particularly for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and several other foundations. Grants Resource Center (GRC) | AASCU