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Dr. Paul A. Schlag, Executive Director
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  Dr. Schlag's Vitae
Distinguished scholar, professor and administrator Paul A. Schlag, Ph.D. is the Inaugural Executive Director of the Honors College at Central State University. Previously, Dr. Schlag served as the director and formerly as the associate director of the Centennial Honors College, as the inaugural chief of staff of the university, as an assistant department chair and as a professor at Western Illinois University. Having taught and developed in excess of 30 different online and in-person courses over his 20-year academic career, he received the highest awards for teaching at the department, college and university level, culminating with the Provost’s Award in Teaching. His impressive academic dossier includes a plethora of publications, including book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles, popular articles and invited peer reviews. He has presented at conferences around the world and led a study abroad trip to Russia (he is fluent in Russian). As an engaged citizen, he has enjoyed serving as a coach and scout leader in the community, and also as the vice chair and board member of the Macomb Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.
Dr. Schlag graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership and earned Masters Degrees from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in Public Administration and the University of Georgia in Instructional Technology (with Distinction). He completed his doctorate in Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Georgia.
An experienced, passionate, and dedicated higher education administrator, Dr. Schlag's academic interests include: student development, fiscal management, innovative teaching and learning, marketing, recruitment, retention, civic engagement, public administration, instructional technology, and lifelong learning. Higher education is a proven path to upward mobility and instrumental to fulfillment and development, so he desires that all individuals reap the multitudinous benefits of a university education.
Working with Central State University students on a daily basis is Paul's greatest reward and his sincerest wish is to see his students advance, grow, seek excellence and succeed. His teaching and mentoring centers around community service and his students are actively involved in learning through community engagement (Service Week & Community Programs)
Originally from Colorado Springs, Dr. Schlag has also lived in Utah, Russia (twice), Georgia, Illinois and Ohio. He and his wife Abigail have four outstanding children and love to read, play sports, be outdoors, enjoy music, volunteer and participate in church.
Dr. Lamont Slater, Honors Program Manager
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  Dr. Slater's Vitae
Dr. LaMont A. Slater began working with Central State University in January 2020 as an Adjunct History Faculty member and most recently worked as an Academic Advisor in the Office of Coaching and Advising before joining the Honors College. Prior to joining Central State University, Dr. Slater worked at Augsburg University’s Centre for Global Education in Windhoek, Namibia as a Program Manager and lecturer, developing curriculum and programs that aligned with the local curriculum of the student’s home institution. Dr. Slater taught various courses in that role including Religion and Social Change in Africa and Political Development in Southern Africa. Dr. Slater’s dissertation is titled, “The Namibian Genocide: Reframing the Conflict to Explore Intercultural Connectivity, Inclusiveness and Accurate Memorialization.” This study examines how technology used by the German colonizers of South West Africa affected native peoples during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. More specifically, the research shows how German attitudes and misclassification of native people, of not only the Herero and Nama tribes, but multiple tribes throughout Namibia, affected the levels of violence shown toward all the indigenous tribes. LaMont has been teaching in higher education for over 12 years and has served in many leadership positions spanning a 20-year career.
Dr. Slater is an alum of Morris Brown College and is originally from the Bronx, NY. He is married with two children and is an avid runner/walker.
Honors Administrative Coordinator
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