Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays are getting a makeover!
Introducing the new…

Eight Week Yoga Self-Care Series

With Stacy Lynn from Enlightened Fitness, LLC

Series Topics and Dates:

As part of Central State Wellness Programs, we are pleased to partner with Stacy Lynn from Enlightened Fitness, a Dayton-based company offering holistic wellness and balanced living through movement, breath, mindfulness, and relaxation. 

Stacy is an exercise physiologist, certified yoga therapist, and holistic health educator with an exceptional ability to adapt practices, making wellness accessible for all individuals, and empowering others with a positive and playful attitude. 

Every eight weeks, we are hosting a new Yoga Self- Care Series.  The sessions are 60 minutes and open to all individuals, abilities, ages, and experience levels.  Each series is interactive, educational, and experiential.  These Yoga Self-Care Series are designed to enable participants to safely explore the various aspects of yoga in a progressive manner and to develop an appropriate and achievable personal wellness practice. 

The Yoga Self-Care Series are held on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 PM in the Louis Stokes Center on Aging.  Participants are encouraged to register as space is limited and to track their attendance to be considered for the incentive giveaways at the end of each series.  

The First Series:  Chair Yoga begins this Wednesday!

Chair Yoga is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the benefits of mat yoga, while bringing the floor to you by sitting on a chair. It is perfect for any mobility level, fitness level, and anyone with injuries or challenges who thinks yoga is out of the picture for them. 
People love yoga not only for the strengthening and flexibility it offers, but for the emotional and spiritual aspects that help to focus and relax us from the inside. You don’t need to be sitting on the floor to take the time for focusing and breathing techniques and benefit from all the aspects of traditional yoga modified for a chair.

Come as you are and join us to kick off the first Yoga Self-Care Series!!

Chair Yoga

Click for the flyer (PDF)

Chair Yoga! New Yoga Self-Care Series, Please email mstaab@centralstate.edu so we know how many participants to prepare for. Wednesdays - 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Louis Stokes Center on Aging. This hour is FREE for all employees and staff. Accommodates ALL bodies, abilities, ages, and genders. Participate in at least 6 classes and be entered to win a raffle prize! Enlightened Fitness, LLC, Centerville Ohio, enlightenedfitness.net, 937-231-0006