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MyCSU is your on-line vehicle for registering for classes, e-mail, accessing your course homepages, and obtaining information about campus. You may also check your grades, view your personal information, review your financial aid awards and much more on MyCSU. You should have recieved this information on your official acceptance letter. To obtain an account you must have been offered admissions by the Office of Admissions. If you are not confirmed by the Office of Admissions, you will not be permitted to register for class via MyCSU. Please visit the "New Student" tab.

After you have logged to your MyCSU account, you will be prompted to create a new password. Please make sure it is a password that you can remmeber.

In the future, you may obtain your MyCSU username and password in person at the Marauder Card Office or by phone at 937-376-6476/6011

If you have changed your password and your password needs to be reset, please email

Information Technology: 937-376-6476

.:. Log on to MyCSU







Being confirmed means that you have been offered admission by the Office of Admissions and that all your application materials have been received AND you have paid your new student fees. You will not be able to register for classes or complete your housing application if you are not confirmed.

All fees can be paid online. All new student fees are non-refundable.


Pre-Enrollment Fee   $105
Room & Key Fees     $135
Housing Application $60

Pre-Enrollment Fee   $105


When making a payment, please click on "One-Time Payment". You will not need to log in to make a "One-Time Payment". Students that would like to create a payment plan will need to talk with Cash Management during SOAR for their login information.

*New Student fees must be paid prior to attending SOAR.  Any onsite payments will incur a $25 service fee.
Pre-enrollment fees and deposits cannot be paid with financial aid funds and they are non-refundable.

Office of Admissions: 937-376-6348



Please log on to MyCSU and view the New Student Tab for more information. Please select the date that is most convenient for you.

During SOAR, you will register for classes via MyCSU; staff from IT will be on-hand to assist you. Additionally, staff from the Registrar’s Office will be on-site to assist you. The registrar’s office will assist you with registering for your learning community classes. In the future, you will register via MyCSU or in-person at the Registrar’s Office, which is located on the 1st Floor of the Newsome Administration Building. To register during SOAR, you must have been confirmed by Admissions and advised by an Academic Advisor.

Office of Admissions: 937-376-6348





Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
Reminder: Consideration for institutional support requires completion of the FAFSA application.

If you have completed your FAFSA, you will receive a financial award letter in the mail, but you must also log-on to MyCSU to view and accept your award. If you are required to submit additional documents, please do so immediately.  Details on what to submit can be found on MyCSU.

To apply for the Federal PLUS Loan:

For verification:


Financial Aid: 937-376-6579





You will not have access to the housing application if you have not confirmed your Admissions by paying your Pre-Enrollment Fees. The housing application can be completed on MyCSU. Please visit the New Student tab.

During SOAR you will have the opportunity to speak with Residence Life Staff and receive your housing assignment. Students that would like to request each other as roommates will need to both list each other on their housing applications. Please have your housing applicaiton completed before SOAR.
ALL Pre-enrollment fees and deposits are non-refundable. You will not have access to see the housing application until 24hrs after you have paid your Pre-Enrollment Fees.

Click here for a list of items that you should bring with you for "Move-In Day"

How to Apply for Housing

  • Go to MyCSU.
  • Enter username and password
  • Click on Handle Your Business navigation bar on the left
  • Click on MyHousing hyperlink on the left
  • Click on the left login labeled Apply Online
  • Choose the correct academic term (Fall 2017) and application type for which you are applying (New Incoming Student)
  • Take time to read through and agree to the Housing Contract terms and conditions and select I Agree at the bottom of the page
  • Complete personal preferences (Fields with an asterisk (*)  are required)
  • Select and submit Living Preferences. (The preference is for reference and will not guarantee assignment to a hall for any particular semester).
  • Close the browser page and return to MyCSU.


If you have a roommate preference, continue to the following instructions.  If you have no roommate preference, proceed down to Select a Room. If you do not have your Health Forms turned in you WILL NOT be able to select a roommate.

  • From MyCSU, click on Handle Your Business navigation bar on the left
  • Click on MyHousing hyperlink on the left
  • Click on the right login labeled myHousing
  • In the navigation bar, highlight Room Selection and click on Roommate Selection
  • Enter the correct spelling or ID number of the student you wish to live with
  • Select student.  You may choose a maximum of 2 roommates (same gender)
  • Your proposed roommate will be sent an email stating your request to live with them and must login, complete the application and confirm your request to match you together
  • Once this occurs, either roommate can proceed with chooing a hall


Residence Life: 937-376-6107






All new and transfer students are required to register with Med+Proctor to submit health and immunization information and a current physical.  Please do not submit these items directly to the CSU Health and Wellness Center. Med+Proctor manages all of this.

To register with Med+Proctor, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register your new lifetime account in Med+Proctor by visiting using your Central State University email address. (MyCSU username and
  2. Complete your Central State University Med+Proctor profile.
  3. Download & print your Central State University Med+Proctor Immunization Certificate.
  4. Have your medical provider complete your immunization certificate and physical.
  5. Upload an image of your immunization certificate and physical into your Med+Proctor account.

Please check your MyCSU email once the file is loaded. You will receive your confirmation within 5 days. Med+Proctor is a free online service. You are not required to pay for the "Med+Proctor Pro" Service.

Student Health Center: 937-376-6134





Prior to attending classes at CSU, you must cover or make payment arrangement for the cost of your tuition and fees. To make payment or set up payment arrangements, contact the Office of Cash Management on the 1st Floor Newsome Administration Bldg. (937) 376-6343 / 6330. For your convenience, information regarding the Payment Plan will available during NSO. If you have yet to sign your award letter and accept your financial aid award, you may do so during SOAR or via your MyCSU account.

Click Here for Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid: 937-376-6579
Cash Management: 937-376-6330

Payment arrangements can be arranged online!






Students must submit their final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions verifying a graduation date and final GPA. Students that do not submit a finanl high school transcript showing that they have graduated from high school, will not receive financial aid. In addition, students must provide official copies of their college transcript(s) for any college credits earned prior to attending SOAR. (Must be sent from the School or sealed in an envelope)

All final high school transcripts are due by August 1.

Mail official transcripts to:
Admission Processing Center
Central State University
P.O. Box 547
Wilberforce, OH 45384-0547

Office of Admissions: 937-376-6348





    Once you have attended SOAR and have your class schedule. Books can be ordered online. Students are able to rent or buy new or used books. Please enter your class schedule on the website. CSU Gear is also available online.

    Marauder Zone Bookstore:
    (937) 376-6123 | Email |

    Order Your Books Now