International Student Admission Process

Central State University welcomes students from other countries and cultures that bring to the campus direct contact with the rich heritages of other people and nationalities. International students should complete the International Application forms for admissions and return them to the Office of Admissions by the deadline. Students who are attending other schools in the United States should not withdraw and plan to come to Central State University until they have received a definite notice of acceptance.


The applicant is responsible for the following:

  1. Original high school transcript of Secondary Cycle accompanied by notarized translation if original copy is not in English
  2. Original General Exam transcript accompanied by notarized translation if original is not in English
  3. Original college transcript accompanied by notarized translation. Transcript should reflect the duration and number of hours for each course (Transfer Students only).
  4. English Proficiency Test Scores/documents
  5. Financial Affidavit forms
  6. Two Letters of Recommendation


Six Criteria for International Student Admission

In order for you to be considered for admission to Central State University, you must follow the instructions below. As soon as items listed below are received in the Office of Admissions, you will be informed of the admission decision.


1- Official Application

The application form must be completed fully in English. It should be typewritten or printed clearly in English. All international students must apply as full-time students and must specify a major. Your application must be in our office by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester (Starts in August) May 15
  • Spring Semester (Starts in January) October 1

In order to ensure consideration for admission, we recommend you apply by the deadline. It is to your advantage to supply all requested information by the deadline.

When filling out the application, you should use your complete name and be consistent in its use. Please use the same order of your first name, middle name, and last name in all your correspondence with Central State University offices. Any inconsistency in name order may prevent proper processing of your application. It is important to sign and date your application before mailing it out.


2- Application Fee

All applicants to Central State University are required to submit a nonrefundable application fee of $30 in US currency. Please make draft checks or money order payable to Central State University. Fee waivers are not accepted from international applicants.


3- Academic Records

Official transcripts of all secondary schools and universities previously or currently attended should accompany your application for admission. A high school transcript is a record of all the courses/subjects you have completed and the grades (marks) attained for each class of the four years of study prior to graduation from high school.

An official transcript of the General Secondary School Examination administered by your country must also be submitted with your high school transcript and other documents.

Photocopies of original documents must have the signature of the registrar and the seal must be original and separate from the photographic image. Attested or "true" copies are not acceptable. All documents not issued in English by the officials signing them must be accompanied by notarized English translation. All official documents must be received in our office by the deadlines outlined above.


4- English Proficiency Requirements

It is essential that you, as an international applicant, be proficient in the English language. The ability to understand, speak, read, and write in English effectively is essential to a successful 20 Academic career. No student is exempt from this requirement unless his/her native language is English. English proficiency is a university requirement that can be met through one of the following:

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

This examination is administered several times each year at many centers throughout the world. Information about this test, including the places and the exact dates at which you can take it, can be obtained by writing or calling:

TOEFL Educational Testing Services
Box 6154
Princeton, New Jersey 08541

Phone: (609) 771-7760
Fax: (609) 771-7765


The minimum TOEFL score required is 500. Please note that TOEFL is valid for two years only. Students are urged to take this test at the earliest possible date. You must request that your scores be sent to the Office of Admissions at Central State University.


5- Financial Support

Central State University does not guarantee any kind of scholarship or financial assistance to international students. Therefore, it is mandated that students show proof of financial support. Estimated expenses for the academic year 2014-2015 are as follows:

Tuition and Fees $13,928
Room & Board $  9,318
Miscellaneous (books, clothes) $  3,600
Total $26,846

This amount does not include travel expenses to and from the United States. It is calculated on full -time basis for two-semester academic year. Tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration for courses. Room and Board fees are due at the beginning of each semester. No exceptions are made for these requirements. Students must have adequate finances to cover all expenses for the entire time that is required to earn the degree.

Students with a family should budget approximately $4,000 per year for a spouse and $2,000 per year for each child. Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change. Your first month in the United States demands more financial outlay than any other single period. An additional $1,000 should be available to meet these expenses.

The financial forms are included with the application in this packet and are required before an I-20 (the form required to obtain an F-1 student visa) is issued. International students must complete a financial sponsorship form including bank verification of funds, the sponsor may be the student, if he/she has personal funds, a relative, organization or government, either foreign or American.


6- Two Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters should be from faculty or administrators who are familiar with your academic and personal achievements.