You must file an admissions application for readmission, if you have not attended two consecutive semesters and a summer term since your last attendance at the University, or if you have completed a degree.

  • If you have attended another college or university since last attending the University, you must submit an official transcripts from each institution attended.
  • Your eligibility for readmission will be determined after an evaluation of all transferred work has been made .
  • If you have been academically dismissed and seeking readmission to the University, you must submit an Appeal for Readmission to the Academic Standards Committee.
    (You must obtain the form from the Office of Registrar 30 days prior to starting your readmission term)
  • Students who are academically dismissed for the first time must remain out of school for a minimum of one semester. (Summer term excluded)
  • If you have been academically dismissed for a second time you are not eligible to be considered for readmission for one academic year. After a third academic dismissal, readmission may not be granted.