Center for Global Education

Central State University believes that a strong global perspective is critical to a complete, rounded undergraduate experience and is committed to ensuring that students graduate with skills that will enable them to participate fully in an increasingly globalized and interdependent economy.

The Center for Global Education initiates, coordinates, and maintains study abroad experiences including both faculty and student exchange programs. The Center for Global Education also supports international student enrollment and provides students, faculty, and administrators with opportunities that promote intercultural awareness and communication through overseas study, service, and research.

Wesley Hall 314

Mission Statement

The Center for Global Education seeks to develop, coordinate, and enhance University programs aimed at producing graduates who have an appreciation for other cultures and are equipped to live and work in a global society. The Center provides leadership and direction in international education, programs, and activities by providing a wide range of international study, research, service, and leadership opportunities to Central State University students, faculty, and administrators. By increasing international education opportunities for students and faculty, we imbue students with increased cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect, and mutual tolerance.

Role of the Center for Global Education

  • Develop, coordinate, and maintain study abroad opportunities for Central State University students
  • Work with faculty, department chairs, and deans to develop and/or modify curricula in support of international studies and study abroad programs
  • Provide orientation to support international students in adapting to the academic and cultural circumstances in the United States
  • Provide advice, workshops, and training for campus organizations and departments that impact the lives of international students at Central State University
  • Work with the Office of Admissions to process international applications
  • Coordinate university implementation of procedures and services to comply with legislative and regulatory mandates governing non-immigrant students and exchange visitors
  • Develop, maintain, and periodically update separate advising manuals for international students and study abroad students
  • Research and implement best practices in international studies consistent with the CSU mission and Strategic Academic and Enrollment Management (SAEM) Plan
  • Represent the University in state and national organizations and relationships that promote study abroad, student exchange, and international studies opportunities
  • Work with the humanities department in recruiting Fulbright scholars to teach languages on campus


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