Honors Program

The CSU Honors Program nurtures and challenges its Honors Scholars to achieve academic excellence through a rigorous and diverse curriculum and co-curriculum leading to superior preparation for post-baccalaureate success and a prestigious CSU Honors B.A. or B.S. diploma. A 3.5 GPA and at least 32 credit hours are required for admission into the program. Six honors courses, a portfolio including a senior project within the major field, along with a 3.5 cumulative GPA are considered for award of the CSU Honors Diploma at graduation. First year/freshmen students with a 3.3 GPA may take 1000 level honors courses as a pre-Honors step.

National Collegiate Honors Council member.

National Honors Societies at CSU

  • Alpha Kappa Mu National Honors Society, Kappa Tau Chapter (established 1948)
  • Beta Beta Beta National Honor Society, Lambda Iota Chapter (established 1970)
  • Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Chapter (established 2000)
  • Psi Chi International Honor Society, Psi Chi at Central State Chapter (established 1982)
  • Sigma Beta Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter (established 1994)

Current Honors Scholars 

Teyana C. Adams, Theresa M. Aikens, Monique D. Alston, Kwasi O. Appiah, Usherine E. Bateman, Lydia A. Bowman,
Kedara S. Carter, Tamika L. Carter, Anthony Chester, Clive T. Chirume, Khalil L. Davis, Tishina S. Davis, 
Dainyal A. Draughn, Mia J. Easson, Diamond J. Gillespie, Kaitlyn M. Gullett, Kristopher A. Hall, Theresa L. Hall,
Regine L. Harris, Sevonniah M. Harris, Briana D. Hasan, Dexter G. Heath, LeRae N. Hines-Anthony, Josephine Johnson,
Fattal I. Langane, Jeffrey H. Martin, Kyla S. Mays,Justice C. Mullins, Marshall D. Mullins, Jr., ShaTasha A. McDonald,
Shaidra V. McGrew, Maimouna Ndao, Paris L. Nicks, Taylor N. Pittl, Lauren B. Pinder, Aaron D. Plowden,
Sarah E. Reinhardt, Doris A. Richardson, Kristy J. Rochon, Ernest I. Russell, Mia M. Sandoval, Velnique R. Spencer-Bowman, Tahasia S. Stevens, Charniece Z. Temple, Jeremy L. Toney, Ebonee S.L. Wallace, Dashai L. Washington, Danielle M. Way,
Monica L. Williamson, Tatiana L. Woulard, Alexia N. Whitaker, Denzel B. White and Za'Bria Z. Zilanis


Honors Program Advisory Council

Dr. Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi, Dr. Fred Aikens, Dr. Charlla Allen, Dr. Carol Bargeron, Dr. Monique Cherry-McDaniel, 
Dr. Lovette Chinwah, Dr. Ronald Claxton,
Dr. Sterling Coleman Jr., Dr. Rebecca Ertel, Dr. Ibrahim Katampe, 
Dr. Anne-Marie Schuler

Fall 2015 Honors Courses

General Education courses / 3.2 GPA (CSU, high school or transfer)

ENG 1101-4HP/61060, Intro. Writing for College, 4 hrs. MTWR 12-12:50 pm, Wesley Hall (room TBA), Instructor: Dr. F. Chevaillier.

MTH 1750-6HP/61164, College Algebra; 3 hrs; MTWF 2-2:50 pm, Henderson Hall (room TBA); Instructor: Dr. S. Averett.


Honors Colloquium course / 3.2 GPA (required for Honors Scholars)

HON 3300-01/61651, Professional Development Pathways; 2 hrs; time and location, TBA; Instructor: Dr. G. J. Giddings.


Applications to join the Honors Program are now being accepted –
deadline is August 24, 2015.

CLICK HERE for online application to become a CSU Honors Scholar, and enjoy:

  • Mentorship and focused academic advisement
  • Co-curricular engagements (trips, workshops, etc.)
  • Honors Residence Halls –– Harry G. Johns Living Learning Center and John R. Fox Hall
  • Two Honors Lounges –– Ward Center and John R. Fox Hall
  • Honors sections of general education courses
  • Honors multidisciplinary seminar course
  • Senior Project/Thesis advisement
  • Local CSU chapters of five national honor societies
  • Portfolio of progress leading to the prestigious CSU Honors Diploma at graduation


Dr. G. Jahwara Giddings, Interim Director & Professor of History