Parent Plus Loan

The Parent PLUS application for the 2020/2021 academic school year is now open and available from the Department of Education. The Parent Plus application is a popular option to assist families covering the gap in educational cost. The application can be accessed at, by the PARENT of a dependent student.

When applying for the loan, please remember the following:

1. It MUST be the biological or legally adoptive parent who applies for the loan, using their own FSA ID/Password. Loans applied for by the student will be rejected.

2. Select the award year of 2020-2021, for the Fall term. Selecting any other year, will not provide funding for the fall term.

3. Parents, you are encouraged to select “Allow the school to determine the amount.” This will ensure that the loan is the correct amount needed to cover expenses. You may reduce the loan at any time before disbursement should additional aid be applied later.

4. Once the parent has applied, allow three business days for your account to be updated. The Office of Financial Aid will upload applications daily to our system beginning April 28,2020. Families will not need to contact the office for approved loans.

5. For loans that are denied, where the student wishes to increase their unsubsidized loans- The student should send an email to from a MYCSU student address. In the subject line state- PLUS Denial and indicate in the body of the email the student name, student ID and that you are requesting an increase in unsubsidized loans due to a Parent PLUS Denial. Then allow up to 5 business days for your account to be updated. An updated award notification will be emailed with changes.

Thinking of attending the Summer semester?

Completing a Summer Aid application is MANDATORY if you plan to use federal aid and can be done by clicking here. The priority deadline for completing an application is April 25. Remember your 2020-2021 FAFSA must be completed and verified, if applicable, before grant aid for Summer can be awarded.