President's Letter to Students


The greatest and most rewarding aspect of university leadership is the opportunity to work with students. Every year of my tenure, my heart swells will pride and joy because I see new faces, new hope and new inspiration!

You are an inspiration because you energize me and Central State University to be better. More than anything, I hope that you have the best academic, college experience that we can offer. Continue to be excited about learning and engage in meaningful and thoughtful initiatives. Look for opportunities to be better tomorrow than you are today. Think about your families and communities and know that they are counting on you to be positive change agents! Be receptive, reflective and respectful of diverse experiences, cultures and values.

Each of you has the power to be empowered for GOOD! Understand the tenets of Service, Protocol and Civility. Your educational experience will lay the foundation for you to be of service to your community; be guided by life’s protocols of correctness; and be the beacon of civility in an often uncivil world. You are the HOPE for us all and I know that you will meet the challenge with leadership, dignity and integrity.

This year 2019-20 will end my tenure as your president. It has been the greatest highlight of my professional journey. During this year, I will work tirelessly to support you and every opportunity available to get you through AND to the finish line – Graduation! Let the finish line be your motivation.

Thank you Sons and Daughters of Central State University – You have my heart!



Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, Ed. D.