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Central State University Police Department
Joseph D. Lewis/George T. Simpson (Building #23)
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Phone (General): 937-376-6368
Fax: 937-376-6047

Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency):

Emergency: 911

  • 911 from campus phone

Monday-Thursday 8 AM-5 PM


Theft Prevention

Protect your valuables with ultraviolet invisible marking as part of Student Affairs Risk Assessment project to reduce theft. Its FREE. Materials for marking are available at Off Campus Student Services, Community Crime Patrol, University Police, UNITS, and University Security Services and Fire Prevention as well as your residence hall RA. Marking your property will help to establish ownership as well as promote recovery if the item is lost or stolen.

How to prevent crime:

How we are enhancing and promoting your safety: