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O:  888-897-9671
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FAQ Update

Which academic programs are eligible for the scholarship?
A: The academic partner for this program is Central State University, a land-grant, public University founded in 1887 and located in Wilberforce, OH (near Dayton). CSU currently offers Bachelor’s Degree completion programs in Teacher Education (Early Childhood and Intervention Specialist), Business Administration (Management Concentration), Interdisciplinary Studies, and Criminal Justice. Additional programs are under consideration, so check back for updates. 

How do Bachelor Completion programs at CSU work?
A: The academic programs are intended for students who already have an associate degree or 60 credits or more and a 2.2 GPA in the intended major. (Currently, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Interdisciplinary Studies, or Education). If you have an associate degree in your requested major from an accredited institution, you may be able to start with junior-level courses in the requested curriculum at Central State University.  If you do not have an associate degree in your requested major from an accredited institution, you may need to complete general education requirements and/or prerequisite requirements. You will have the option to do so through the Free College Program at Eastern Gateway Community College. An evaluation of your OFFICIAL transcript(s) will determine the acceptable courses for transfer equivalencies.

How do I qualify for the Free College program through CSU?
A: Students who have been verified for eligibility by their union and who meet the academic qualifications of CSU’s bachelor’s degree completion programs must complete the following steps to enroll.
Complete CSU’s online application.

1. Submit all previous OFFICIAL college transcripts for evaluation. 
2. Email official transcripts to
3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any required verification. Any grant award must be applied to the tuition, fees, and e-book charges at CSU.  E: 
4. Agree to use any employer tuition assistance.

Students who do not complete the FAFSA and any required verification will need to make payment arrangements with CSU.

Students who are currently in default on their federal student loans may receive the scholarship but must get permission from CSUs Financial Aid Office.

How do you determine the amount of the scholarship?
A: Students Must have a valid FAFSA on file that correlates with semester attending (i.e., 2020/21 for spring).
• Students without a U.S. Social Security number may still be eligible but must be confirmed by their financial aid advisor.
• Students who are selected for File Review or Verification must complete the process prior to the end of the first semester attended and the first semester for subsequent academic years.
• Students who have exhausted their lifetime limit on Federal Pell Grant will still be eligible for the scholarship.
• Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the scholarship.
• Students who are in default on previous student loans will be eligible if the student makes an agreement with the lender for 6-9 months of payments to clear default (with the first payment made.)
• The student consolidates defaulted loans to clear default.

How does the Free College/Career Plus Program work?
It’s for students who have already earned an Associate Degree!
The Career Plus Program, in partnership with Central State University, is designed for students who have already earned an Associate Degree or at least 60 college credits with a 2.2 GPA or higher. Students who have not yet met these admission criteria should plan to start Free College with Eastern Gateway Community College and then transfer and complete with CSU.
In order for us to know if you have met the criteria, we’ll need to review at least one transcript that shows us that. The first thing you should do after completing the inquiry form is to submit the application to CSU. You can visit their website at and click on the application for union students.
The next thing you need to do is request your transcript from your previous college(s) and send it to

NOTE:  It can take us 7-10 days to be able to review the transcript for admission purposes. We will follow up and let you know we have it and whether it shows the right information. Once you’ve been admitted, you’ll be able to enroll in classes. However, the University will still need all of your official transcripts in order to award transfer credit. Full transfer evaluations can take 30-60 days from the time we have all of your official transcripts.