Institutional Advancement




Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an essential component to Central State University sustaining a vibrant educational institution. The generous support and dedicated commitment of alumni, parents and friends like you allows the University to continue providing quality facilities, well trained faculty and innovative academic offerings. Each donation acts as a bridge between the funds generated by tuition and fees, and the actual cost of educating a student.

Private gifts are fundamental to our ability to develop and prosper. While private dollars do not replace other revenue, they are what make a good university an exceptional university. Gifts designated to the Annual Fund directly support every aspect of the educational experience including assisting with financial aid, enhancing opportunities for teaching and learning, and maintaining our beautiful campus.

The mission of the CSU Annual Fund is to build alumni participation through yearly gifts from alumni, friends, parents and students by educating them on the needs of the University and the value of their involvement in the life of the University. The goal of the Annual Fund is to:

• increase alumni participation in CSU events

• increase alumni donors

• increase the donor retention rate

• increase total charitable revenue to the University

Ways to Give

Central State University makes it easy and offers a variety of ways to donate:

  1. Direct mail solicitations
  2. Phone-a-thons
  3. Matching Gift Program
  4. Sustaining Philanthropists Societies

Direct mail

Direct Mail solicitation engages our alumni and donors through compelling mail and e-mails that offer an explanation of the value of their donation, how it will be used, and how previous donor support has helped the University maintain its standard of excellence.


Phone-a-thons are a way for volunteers (alumni and current CSU students) to help the University raise money for various initiatives. Volunteers call alumni, parents and friends of the University to solicit donations for the annual fund. A great benefit of phone-a-thons is the reconnecting of CSU alumni with the University; callers are able to update alumni’s contact information and as a result, alumni will receive University publications informing them of CSU’s upcoming events.

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts are charitable practices where a business entity pledges to give at least an equal amount of money to an organization as designated by the donor. The practice of matching donations multiplies the amount that the charity receives. Matching donations are often an extra incentive to give to a particular charity, a gift can be multiplied without the originating donor contributing more money.

Sustaining Philanthropists Societies

The Sustaining Philanthropists Societies are donor recognition vehicles through which the Central State University expresses tangible appreciation for the generous and sustained gifts from our University family, which is comprised of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and friends. The Sustaining Philanthropists Societies are designed to encourage contributors to make a multi-year gift to support the University and its growth.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted Gifts to the Annual Fund advance our mission and provide a strong foundation for every aspect of the CSU experience including scholarships for tuition or books, enhancing academic programs, sponsoring campus programs, and student-faculty research opportunities.

As a donor you can also determine how you wish your gift to be utilized at the University. You can restrict your gift to:

A donation to the Annual Fund will help continue CSU’s dedication to preparing students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs for leadership to serve tomorrow’s future.