Update- May 7, 2020

Recently, the Office of Cash Management submitted the CARES ACT Stimulus payment to your TMS/Nelnet account effective Wednesday, May 6, 2020. Payments to eligible students will not be received timely if any of the following occur:

––You have recently updated “ANY” information on TMS/Nelnet website within the last seven days. If the account was updated, you would need to allow an additional 3-5 business days for direct deposit and even longer for U.S. mail.

––You have changed your name on your personal bank account. This, too, can cause a delay of the CARES STIMULUS direct deposit/check.

––You have recently closed your bank account. Funds will return to TMS/Nelnet, and the disbursement process will need to start over.

If any of the above situations occurred, once you have corrected/updated your TMS/Nelnet account, you will need to contact the Cash Management Office at of the change. The following items need to be included in your email response when contacting the Cash Management Office (CMO) for payment to be disbursed to your account:

Reference the subject line as “TMS Name Change”
Full Name and Student ID

Note: All information provided must match your profile in TMS/Nelnet. Once the Cash Management Office receives the email, your file will be processed within 24 hours, and you can expect to receive your disbursement in 3-5 days.