Online Student Complaint Process

You have  a complaint? Please see below

Should you find yourself in conflict with a University process or policy—academic or non-academic—or if you are dissatisfied with the delivery of services provided by a faculty or staff member, you can follow this process to seek resolution and, if necessary, fill out a Student Complaint Form. Please read the following guidelines prior to filing a complaint. You can fill out a complaint form via the link below or you can pick up a form in the CITI, 2nd floor Ward Hall.

We have several different complaint types: General Complaint, Disability/Accommodation Grievances, Grade Appeals, and Sexual and Other Harassment. You are not required to complete the online form for complaints related to ADA accommodations and Title IX (Sexual Assault, Domestic and Interpersonal Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination). These complaint types would automatically fall under the specific complaint process for those issues.

Types of complaints and grievances:

General complaint: A student may submit a complaint regarding staff, faculty, or other students. Complainant may submit their concern via the complaint form. Example: a general office complaint, customer service, general class concern (not related to your grade) or other concerns.

Complaint link: Student Complaint Form.

ADA grievance/accommodation: Complaints related to ADA compliance should be directed to The Office for Academic Empowerment & Accessibility, 937-376-6479
Sexual Assault, Domestic and Interpersonal Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Other Discrimination: This type of complaint would be filed as a Title IX or Other Discrimination Concern. All complaints or concerns about conduct that may violate this policy should be filed with the following offices or officials:

Title IX Coordinators

For non-athletes:

Mrs. Karla Harper
1400 Brush Row Road
P.O. Box 1004
Wilberforce, Ohio 45384
Phone: 937-376-6421

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

For athletics:

Ms. LaShaunta Jones
Senior Women's Administrator in Athletics
1400 Brush Row Road
P.O. Box 1004
Wilberforce, Ohio 45384
Phone: (937) 376-6617

Appeals regarding grades follow the grade appeal process as reflected in the current CSU catalog.

General Complaint Procedures

If you have a complaint or problem, please follow these guidelines:

  1. When appropriate, talk directly with the instructor or the person involved to try to resolve the issue informally.

  2. If dissatisfied with the outcome, complete all of the appropriate sections of the Student Complaint Form below. If completing the form online, click "Submit" to email the completed form. Printed forms may be returned to the CITI office in Ward Hall and will be directed to the appropriate University officer. You will be contacted within three business days concerning your complaint.
    Based upon the nature of the written complaint, the respective University officer will contact, and if appropriate and required, meet with all parties involved. Any decisions/actions will be provided in writing.

    NOTE The basis on which a grade has been awarded may not be challenged under this complaint procedure. (See “Student Grade Appeal Process”).
    Disciplinary matters are kept confidential to the extent required by law.