Mister Central State University

Keith Harris Jr., is a criminal justice major hailing from the city of Cleveland, Ohio, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Mister Harris is a part of many student organizations while holding an abundant amount of leadership positions here on campus by serving as 2019-2020
Mister Freshman, 2020-2021 Mister Sophomore, 2021-2022 Mister Junior, and now serving as the 15th Mister Central State University as the first King Royal Court’s history to serve on all four positions of the Royal Court.
A fun fact about Mister Harris is that his community, school district, and high school decided to rename the most prestigious award that you can receive as a scholar-athlete for all school sports in honor of him and what he exemplifies; it went from being known as the “Tiger Award” to the “Keith Harris Award.” Moreover, Keith is also certified by the state of Ohio in OPOTA, as he completed this certification in high school. Keith’s personal philosophy shows that he is a strong believer in God, respect, honesty, loyalty, mental discipline, and other ethical values. He believes that every day you should become more comfortable with being uncomfortable because adversity in life will never cease to exist.