Collection Process

Returned Checks
Central State University does not accept personal or business checks.  Any person wishing to pay with a checking account must go to and use the ACH check payment option.  Any checks mailed to Central State University will be processed.  However any check received, regardless of payment method, that is not honored or is returned by the bank for any reason, expressly authorizes Central State University to electronically debit or paper draft their account for the amount of the check, plus a processing fee of $30. The use of the check as payment is acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms. To revoke this authorization, to verify & pay a debt or dispute the debt, please call (937) 376-6343.

Returned checks must be repaid with cash, money order, cashier or bank certified checks or valid credit card only.

Failure to clear a returned check and/or multiple returned checks will result in the loss of check cashing privileges and/or collection activity. Checks that are not cleared will be subject to interest charges and collection expenses. Student’s whose accounts are paid with returned checks will not be eligible to register until the returned checks and processing fee have been paid in full.

Accounts turned over to the Ohio Attorney General's Collection Enforcement Office
Central State University will routinely refer pass due accounts of former students to the Ohio Attorney General’s Collection Enforcement Office. Any past due, unpaid account will be referred to the Ohio Attorney General's Collection Enforcement Office for collection. The debtor will incur additional charges and collection expense.  Additionally the Ohio Attorney General’s Collection Enforcement Office is empowered to suspend and revoke driving and professional licenses, garish wages and seize state income tax refund checks.

Right to Withhold Services
Central State University reserves the right to restrict any services to current/former students and current/former employees until any past due amount owed to the university is paid in full. These services include, but are not limited to, the release of all academic records (e.g., diploma, and transcripts) and registration for future semesters. Past due amounts include, but are not limited to, fees, tuition, charges, fines, and loans due to the University.