Tuition Refund Policy

One hundred percent (100%) refund of fees for students will be honored during the first day and any day prior to the start of the semester. Credit will be made to the accounts of students whose withdrawals are completed during the refund period.

The Tuition Refund Policy applies to total withdrawals only. Students who drop classes after the scheduled refund period will be charged for the course.


After the thirtieth-ninth (39) day of a full semester (fall or spring) or the twenty-third (23) of the summer semester, no fees will be refunded. If a student withdraws before the registration is complete he/she is indebted to the University for the amount determined by the policies stated. Students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons during the semester forfeit the refund of any portion of their fees. The refund policy does not apply to students who drop classes. Students who fail to officially withdraw forfeit the refund of any fees.

Refund Policy Financial Aid Recipients
The University will defer $750.00 of the refund of financial aid in excess of fees to cover Book Voucher charges for all students who receive Financial Aid, excluding PLUS Loans, College Work-Study or Part-Time Work. The deferral period will be for 30 days; beginning with the first day Book Vouchers are made available.

The following is a schedule of the refund of fees after the first day of the quarter:

Fall through Spring Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Period Percentage Fees Refunded
2nd through 10th day of the semester   90%
11th through 22nd day of the semester 50%
23rd through 39th day of the semester 25%
40th day through the end of the semester 0%

Summer Term Refund Schedule "After the 1st Day"
Withdrawal Period Percentage Fees Refunded
2nd through 4th day of the term 90%
5th through 9th day of the term 50%
10th through 17nd day of the term 25%
18rd through the end of the term 0%

***** Note: Last Day for Refund is the 29th Day of the Semester *****

Residence Halls

In accordance with the Housing Contract, students living in the residence halls are committed to on-campus housing for the duration of the contract (one academic year). These fees are non-refundable. Because of the shorter length of the summer term, the charges for Room and Board are prorated. The housing and key fee in the amount of $195 is a one-time fee charged upon entering the university as a freshmen or transfer student. This fee is non-refundable and will be used for building maintenance and upkeep. Students will be responsible for any damages that occur in their rooms and common areas throughout the term of their residence hall contract, as well as at the time of check out if damages are identified. If it is necessary for a new key to be made during the semester, the student will be charged for the new key and lock replacement as necessary. All building damage fines applied to a student's account must be paid out of pocket and cannot be covered by federal financial aid or scholarships.