Does the Office of Cash Management provide banking services for students?
No. The Office of Cash Management does not provide any banking services except for the exchange of cash for a $10 roll of quarters for laundry (one roll of quarters per student per day). However, there is an ATM located in the University Student Center.

How is my financial aid award applied?
Financial aid is applied directly to the student’s account to pay tuition, required fees, room, and board (meals). Any over-payment is refunded to the student with the exception of institutional aid and if the external scholarship is refundable. Work-Study cannot be used to guarantee payment.

Do you accept scholarships from other sources?
Yes, we accept scholarships from all sources. They can be used to pay the bill or reduce the balance due. The Office of Financial Aid should be given a copy of all award/scholarship letters.

General scholarships are those awarded from religious, fraternal, or civic organizations.

Third-party scholarships are those which the University has to bill for. The authorizations for billing must be turned into the Office of Cash Management, and a copy must also be provided to the Office of Financial Aid.

Where and how do I pay for my classes?
Payment(s) can be made online to the Office of Cash Management at centralstate.afford.com or at 1-888-722-4867. Payment(s) can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards, or eCheck (electronic check). 
How do I know if I will get a refund?
A refund is determined after a bill is paid in full from all sources, with the exception of institutional aid, and the payment results in an overage of aid. When an overage occurs, the student or parent is issued a refund, which the student can apply to past or anticipated future charges.

How will my refund be processed?
There are two methods of receiving a refund: check or direct deposit.
  • Checks will be mailed to the permanent address.
  • Refunds created due to a Parent Plus loan are ONLY mailed to the parent at their home address.
  • Students can sign-up for direct deposit online at centralstate.afford.com.  An invite will be sent to your MyCSU account once you are confirmed as a student.
  • If the direct deposit set-up is not in place, a check will be issued to the address on file with TMS.

How do I know if I qualify for a book advance?
You qualify for a book advance if there is a credit to your account after the mandatory charges.  If you still owe a balance after financial aid is applied- you will not have a book advance.  A book advance is not “free money” it is typically part of excess credit due to a loan.  You are encouraged to make good choices when using a book advance.

What is enrollment clearance?
Enrollment Clearance is one of the final steps in the Handle Your Business campaign that requires all financial obligations are met (i.e., payment arrangements for the upcoming term(s) and University charges are in place and current). All students who register for classes must complete their enrollment into the University by receiving Enrollment Clearance.

What does Administrative Withdrawal mean?
Administrative Withdrawal means that your classes have been removed from the system, and your name is no longer on the faculty rosters.  There are various reasons why a student would be administratively withdrawn (i.e., hospitalization, family emergency, non-payment, etc.). If classes are administratively withdrawn, contact with your academic advisor, the offices of the Registrar and Cash Management, they are required to ensure your re-enrollment is properly completed.

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