Communications to Faculty - April 2020

Dear CSU Faculty,

I want to commend each one of you for your extraordinary effort in assisting students during these extraordinary times. Please remember that we are providing emergency remote learning and not full-blown courses online (see attached journal article).

Please observe the following points:

Adhere to your scheduled class hours when meeting in asynchronous mode. We want to ensure you do not impinge in other instructors’ class time. It’s impossible for students to be attending sessions for two or three courses at the same time. Be mindful that when setting time constraints for assignments and other work, not all of our students are on the EST zone. Make sure that you make this time adjustment.

Be mindful that many of our students may have limitations with internet service or may be sharing one device with the rest of the siblings that are out of school. Class content can be delivered using different modalities and not just videos.
Be flexible in your acceptance of assigned work, be empathetic, and whenever possible, also provide advice. Sometimes all a student wants is an empathetic ear. Just offering a listening ear and an understanding of what challenges many of our students are experiencing can be a big comfort.

In examining e-mail box messages, I have found that the language used might be misinterpreted. We all understand that we are working remotely; however, that does not mean that we are not conducting our business on a daily basis. Please review messages left in your e-mail boxes and well as phones. Messages should communicate that we are still conducting business and that we will respond to any inquiries as soon as possible.

The registrar informed us that there will not be a separate final exam schedule for seniors. There will only be one final exam period scheduled in the next few weeks. I have attached the communications from the Registrar outlining the exam period. Please adhere to this schedule.  No changes and no exceptions.

For many students as well as faculty and staff, this new normal has given us a chance to reflect on purpose, on what actually fulfills us rather than what fills our time.


Faculty & Staff,
In order to ensure students, have access to academic support services while in-person centers are closed, we have partnered with Knack to transition our tutors and specialists onto their online platform, which operates similar to Uber, allowing students to book 1-on-1 and group tutoring services on-demand.

Please let your students know they can visit: and select “Central State University” for free online tutoring services.
If you have any questions about the partnership, please feel free to contact the OASIS Coordinator, Karen Garmon at or Knack’s Head of Operations, Will Kelly at


Dear Faculty,
Happy Friday! I hope we have just completed the second week of our distant instruction with some minor challenges. Please be aware that platforms and internet service will experience some disruption due to high usage. This is not uncommon, many of you have experienced the same when you miss your favorite channels in cable TV with some minor interrupted services. Always have a second plan when an unexpected interruption occurs so that it does not defeat us. What impacts service is the capacity of the provider and its support team. A recent search online found that other learning platforms are also experiencing outages. When communicating to CITI, don’t place the blame on them, as they are doing an excellent job under these trying circumstances. Let’s be patient and understand that during these unusual times, not everything will be perfect, but we all certainly need a second and sometimes a third plan.

Central State University made a large investment in our Wi-Fi, phone, and IT support. These resources are robust and ready to support our mission in educating our students. We continue to contact students who have not logged on to Schoology and are not responding to the instructor messages. Let’s be empathetic and continue to work with students as they are also trying to manage their instruction from home just like we are in delivering our lessons.  

I hope that you all received the latest inspiring message from Madame President. Please take the time and develop professional objectives to support the University in supporting our students. I have attached a very interesting article in Higher Education News. The principle message is how do we change and adapt to resolve new challenges. Remember that Change is Central.