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Introduction to Schoology
Instructions for Taking Attendance

Log into the Ellucian Portal
USER ID: Employee # (all nine digits) Check your Id to obtain your number.

Choose the faculty services tab-> Your Faculty Access to Self-Service Banner ->Choose “Mid Term grades”-> Choose the term and the section

You must enter the date the student first attends in the LAST ATTEND DATE column.  Do not enter a date for students who never attended. If the student DOES NOT show, enter a 0 in the ATTEND HOURS column.  Once you have entered a 0, if the student shows up for class, please update the portal by removing the 0 and entering the first date of attendance. DO NOT ENTER ANY OTHER NUMBER THAN 0.

If you are teaching a class with a lab, enter attendance for both class and lab.

Vital Source Free Textbooks – A brief tutorial can be viewed. 

Going Online in a Hurry

Academic Continuity: Making a Rapid Transition to Online Teaching

Pedagogical Practice

Are There Programs Available to Help Make Internet Service More Affordable?


Other Free Resource Support
Many of our colleagues have shared excellent resources to continue our efforts in providing students with quality instruction.   One excellent source can be found at this link, ACUE ONLINE TEACHING TOOLKIT. The resources will assist you in the transition to digital instruction. These resources apply to the humanities as well.

For those of you in the STEM field, you can still take advantage of resources specifically for courses with labs, Yes, lab work can also be done virtually.

Texas Instruments provides six months free for calculator based activities. In addition, Teaching Strategies and Tools Supporting Scientific Teaching Principles provide multiple resources for learning community activities, lectures, and dozens of strategies and tools that can be adapted to the sciences and the humanities.

Don’t forget that CITI has posted a Crash Refresher course for Schoology. You may access this video at this link:

Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats (UNC System) and Word Document version attached.

Remote instruction during an Emergency-University of Hawaii

Instruction During An Emergency

Learning During An Emergency

Suddenly Teaching Online? Free Resources to Help Faculty Affected by Coronavirus Linked-In