Global Education


Study Abroad

All Central State students are encouraged to study abroad. Study abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience and a student’s interest in studying abroad demonstrates a highly desirable trait: intellectual curiosity. Spending time abroad opens a window to a world of opportunity for deepening students’ understanding and knowledge of political, international, economic, and global issues. Apart from the academic enhancement and personal growth, students who have studied abroad possess skills that are valued in today’s competitive workplace – a global perspective, second-language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, and adaptability to new environments.

How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

Deciding to study abroad is a major commitment and requires careful consideration of and research into the various options at least several months in advance.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Choose a destination under Country/Region
Choose a Subject
Choose a Program Type (summer/semester/year)

After choosing a study abroad program, there are a few steps you need to take to complete the application. These may include verification and approval by your academic department and other offices on campus such as Financial Aid. The process is straightforward, and the Center for Global Education will be there to assist you.

This application process is to be used for all study abroad programs sponsored jointly by Central State and cooperation institutions.


Instructions to Applicants

1. Apply for a passport

2. Complete a Study Abroad Information Sheet. [Required]

3. Obtain and complete the application for the program of interest (third-party program provider).

4. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss course selection.

5. Complete Course Approval Form and have Academic Advisor sign the form. [Required]

6. Complete a Budget Worksheet and discuss it with a Financial Aid Counselor. [Required]

7. Have a Study Abroad Clearance Form signed by these offices: Registration, Student Affairs, Cash Management, Financial Aid, Residence Life, Student Health Services and Global Education. [Required]

8. Complete a Participant Health Statement and Emergency Contact Form (CSU program only).

9. Complete an Authorization for Release of Medical and Education Records (CSU program only).

10. Complete a Liability and Participant Agreement (CSU program only).

11. Complete an International Travel Registry (shortly before departure).

12. Complete any other necessary forms required by your program.


Pre-departure checklist

4-6 months prior

3 months prior

1 month prior

2 weeks prior