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Want to get started? 100% Online Cybersecurity Certificate classes start March 15, 2022.

With our professional online Cybersecurity Certificate program, you can begin a cybersecurity career in less than a year. Expert-led classes with immersive, real-world training prepare you for a successful career—No previous experience required.

100% online classes

No previous experience required

Certification in less than a year

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Did you know that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is so high that there is a zero percent unemployment rate in the field? The cybersecurity industry is exploding for a host of reasons. Cybersecurity is one of two of the top biggest concerns facing corporate boards. The cybersecurity job outlook in 2022 and beyond couldn’t be brighter. Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and the need to keep that technology, intel, and data safe will only increase as innovation progresses.

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Cybersecurity Certificate will unlock many career paths

A certificate in cybersecurity is an option for anyone who currently works in the tech field and wants to expand their knowledge in the cybersecurity niche. It may also be a great solution for someone who is looking to break into the industry for the first time, but may not have time to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

The online Cybersecurity Certificate program, offered by the College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture, in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Central State University, is your gateway to develop the essential skills needed to be a strategic data defender capable of protecting an organization from highly disruptive cyberattacks. Central State's online Cybersecurity Certificate program offers you stackable credentials to go on to pursue higher-level degrees and certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours per week can a student expect attending classes?

Online courses aren't defined as has how many hours per week but how many contact hours and it is standard practice to have students log in every day.

Where can I find information on the job market after completion?

Cybersecurity related professionals are in a huge-demand. You can find the job advertisements on popular job sites.

Are all classes virtual live?

This certification is 100%.

Is the curriculum updated for today’s industry standards?

Yes, we recently received the approval for the certificate program from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Can students access recorded sessions any time?

Yes, however an instructor may set a deadline for certain sessions.

What if I have a hard time keeping up with the course material?

The online modules are self-paced, but you can always contact your instructors for additional help in the course material.

What makes this program different from others?

The certificate program is built upon a strong computer science background. All the computer science courses can be transferred towards a BSc degree in Computer Science at Central State University.

How much does tuition cost?

$9,200 for full-time attendance. Students attending part-time will pay a $415 per credit hour cost. Tuition fees are approximate and may change. Visit Schedule of Fees for up-to-date information.

Tuition fees are approximate and may change. Visit Schedule of Fees for up-to-date information.

Do I need any previous technological knowledge?

No, however, programing experience is a plus.

I'm interested! How soon can I enroll?

Now. You can start enrolling in the spring 2022 semester.

How soon can I find a job once I complete the program? Do you offer job placement assistance?

Yes. As a CSU student, you have Free access to Career Services at Central State University for any job placement assistance. The Career Services organizes on-campus career fairs regularly.

Where can I download the course catalog?

You can download a copy of the catalog at the link, Registrar - Central State University.

There are a lot of Cybersecurity Certifications online. Why should I choose Central State?

Central State University offers the most affordable online cybersecurity certificate program. More importantly, we use Open Educational Resource (OER) textbooks, which means your textbooks are Free! This helps to reduce the cost further.

How much are books for the program?

There are no fees for the books. Central State also offers “100% textbook free using Open Educational Resources.