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Inclusive Excellence

Honoring Unique Perspectives, Developing New Relationships, Expanding Opportunities The College of Engineering, Sciences, Technology and Agriculture (CESTA) is on a mission to build an inclusive environment where every student, faculty, staff, and community members participating in our programs and activities can reach his or her full potential.

Diversity is our tradition. Inclusion is our practice
Diversity is about more than just one element of a person’s identity like race, gender or ethnicity. People are members of multiple communities simultaneously and live varied layered identities. At the intersection of these identities is a unique individual that we welcome, respect and celebrate.

Learn more about CESTA and the Extension’s Equal Opportunity Council
The Equal Opportunity Council serves as a catalyst to foster inclusiveness within CESTA and the Extension. Consisting of administrators, faculty, students, and community members, the council develops strategies to recruit and retain outstanding students, faculty, staff and program participants from historically underrepresented groups. Our stakeholders’ input is invaluable to us, and we heed the Council’s recommendations for promoting these individuals’ success.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on Diversity, Equity, Equal Opportunity, Accessibility, Non-Discrimination, and Civil Rights
Our Commitment to Diversity
Our Commitment to Civil Rights