Simultaneous Membership Program

Ohio Army National Guard or United States Army Reserves


The SMP program is a very popular option for a Marauder Battalion Cadet. You can participate as a Non-Scholarship Cadet or as a Scholarship Cadet.  Depending on which option you choose benefits will vary.


Ohio Army National Guard Non-Scholarship Opiton Benefits:

- Must enlist in the Ohio Army National Guard

- 100% paid tuition at Central State Uniiversity, Cedarville and other private schools the Guard will pay the average of all state schools in Ohio.  This is about $10,000 per year.  Contact your Guard Recruiter to get the exact amount.

- Collect a stipend of $420.00 per month while school is in session.

- Earn Drill Pay as a Sergeant E-5 of about $275.00 per month

- If you complete Advanced Individual Training you can use your Montgomery G.I. Bill of $385.00 per month.

- Total benefits package is approximatly 100% tution plus $1080.00 per month when you total up your stipend, drill pay and G.I. Bill.

- You are non-deplyoable while in ROTC.

- You can elect to compete for active duty.

- All contracts are for 8 years.  If you get active duty you will serve 4 years active duty and the last 4 years of your obligation either as a drilling  member of the Ohio Guard or in the Indiviual Ready Reserve.


Ohio Army National Guard Scholarship Opiton:

- Same benefits above with these differences.

- You can't use your G.I. Bill if you are on scholarship.

- You will collect $1200.00 per year book money.

- You can use your state tuition benefits togather with the ROTC benefits at Central State.  This means the Guard will pay 100% of your tuition and you can collect $10,000 per year from the ROTC Scholarhip portion. If you attend Cedarville you will want to use the 100% tuition option.

- You will serve for 8 years in drill status with the Ohio Guard, there is no active duty option.


United States Army Reserve Option:

The big difference betweent the Guard and the Reserves is that the Reserves do not pay 100% tuition for the non-scholarship option.  If you want the SMP option and be in the Reserves you will want to choose the scholarship option which will cover 100% tuition, drill pay and stipend plus $1200.00 per year book money.


No matter which option you choose you will have to enlist in the Guard or the Reserves. Prior to enlisting please contact Army ROTC first.  We are familier with the different college options and we will contact your Recruitier prior to your enlistment to make sure you get enlisted the best way to do ROTC.


Call or text us at 937.361.2263 to learn more.