Out of Office Greetings

Central State University employees are encouraged to use email and voicemail Out-of-Office greetings to promote good customer service.

The Out-of-Office message on Outlook is available to use for email, and the University’s voicemail system allows users to record an alternate greeting.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create or record a greeting:

Outlook Email

For Mac Users:
Go to Tools, then Out of Office. Outlook allows you to indicate dates and to choose if you want the message to go to people outside the University or only those in your address book.

For PC Users:
Go to the File tab, click on the Info tab in the menu and go to Automatic Replies.


Central State’s voicemail system allows users to record an alternate greeting to play when you are out of the office.

To Record an Alternate Greeting

To Enable or Disable a Greeting

A Sample Alternate Greeting:

“Hello. This is Jane Doe, professor in the College of Business. I will be out of the office from xxx to xxx. At the tone, please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message and I will be happy to return the call at my earliest convenience. If you need immediate assistance, please dial xxxx. Thank you.”

Other Communications Tips for Out-of-Office Greetings:

It is preferred to say the “University is on a break” versus “closed” during holiday periods.