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Marauder Card

Where is the Marauder Card Office located?
Basement Floor of the Newsom Administration building (937) 376-6064

Is there a fee for my first Marauder Card?
No, there is no fee for your first Marauder Card. However, if you lose your ID card, a replacement fee of $25 will be charged to obtain a new card.

Can I pick up my friend's/child's Marauder Card?
No. The cardholder must be the person who picks up the ID card.

What do I need to have with me to get a Marauder Card?
A photo ID such as a drivers' license, passport, or some other official picture ID. Employees will also need to bring the copy of the Marauder Card Form provided by Human Resources.

My Marauder Card will not open my door (Residence Halls)?
If your ID card does not work for your door you must contact Residence Life Office at (937) 376-6386.

Why is my Marauder Card not working?
There are a number of reasons why a Marauder Card may stop working. Some of the more common reasons are:
-  Your ID card is bent or cracked
-  The magnetic stripe on your ID card is scratched
-  The magnetic stripe on your ID card has become demagnetized  (Cell Phone)
-  Your ID card has expired
-  Your using a previous lost or misplaced ID card
-  Please note that you will need to bring your Marauder Card to the Marauder Card -  Office so the problem can be diagnosed.

What can I use my Marauder Card for?
The Marauder Card is a mandatory student ID card at Central State University. It allows you to:

-  Order a burger at Grill 155
-  Check out a book at the library
-  Check in to your residence hall
-  Break a sweat at the Walker Gym's Cardio and Weight room
-  Eat "ALL YOU CAN EAT" at the Mercer Cafe
-  Have a meal at Taco Bell
-  Order chicken wings at Strutter's
-  Required for purchasing books at the GEL Book Store

What do I do if I lose my Marauder Card?
If you lose your ID card, email or call the Marauder Card Office at (937) 376-6064. If you find it, you can reactivate your ID card in person at the Marauder Card Office. Any meals lost are not refundable, so make sure to deactivate your lost card immediately.

Do Marauder Cards expire?
Your ID card is valid as long as you are register and have processed through the Residence Life Office each semester.

Can my friends use my Marauder Card?
No. Your ID card is yours to use only. If a person is caught using someone else's ID card, the ID card may be confiscated. This is to safeguard any value that may be on the card.

Can I have more than one Marauder Card?
No, for security reasons we cannot allow you to have more than one ID card activated.

What if I do not like the picture on my Marauder Card?
We will be more than happy to take another picture for you, but please note that you will be charged the $25 replacement fee.

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