Central State University

Apr 7, 2009
By Sylvie Saint-Alby-Hy me

MyCSU is the student, faculty and staff web portal for managing personal and academic information. Students are able to check e-mail, register for courses, and explore the Internet. MyCSU is made of channels. Channels are the “boxes” with title and content.
To login follow the steps below:

Go to www.centralstate.edu
Click on the MyCSU link
Go to the Secure Access Login area and enter your user name and password given to you at Student Orientation, by the Information Technology Department or by your advisor.
If this is the first time signing onto MyCSU, you will be prompted to change your password.
See Figures 1 and 2 below.

(Images: Fig.1 and 2)

MyCSU gives you the freedom to change your password anytime you desire. When you are logged in, to the left of the Welcome message, you can see two links: My Account and Content/Layout
By clicking on My Account you can change your password.

MyCSU also gives you the freedom to rearrange the way your page looks by clicking on Content/Layout. You can then move your channels to change the look of your page.

MyCSU allows you to remove certain channels. The channels you can remove have a visible cross at the top right of the box.
Ex: The Dining Services channel can be deleted (Fig. 3a).

The channels that you cannot remove have a greyed-out cross at the top right of the box.
Ex: My E-mail Inbox channel cannot be deleted (Fig. 3b).

(Images: Fig.3a and3b )

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