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Mar 31, 2009
Email Services (Faculty & Staff)
By Rumee Choudhury

Email Administrator Responsibilities and Guidelines:

Administrator Definition

The Administrator is the individual responsible for implementing and maintaining the email system for a campus organization. For example: creating e-mail account(s), removing, marinating mailbox quotas etc.

Unsolicited Commercial Email

Unsolicited Commercial Email (also known as SPAM) can cause a great deal of difficulty for any users of our email systems. It is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure that appropriate anti-spam precautions are taken and to deal with reports of spam originating within their domain.

Client (end user) Responsibilities

All responsibilities for successful email services do not fall on the administrator completely. It is important that the end user takes some responsibility for correctly configuring their email client as well as responsibility for proper encoding of content and appropriate use of email.

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