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Once request for graphic design is reviewed it can be distributed to the campus Graphic Designer or one of two contracted vendors. During the consultation the Project Contact will be asked to provide concept and audience direction. The Project Contact will be provided with the first draft and must approve in writing the design and copy prior to finalization. The project will stop if no approval is received in a timely manner (usually 24-48 hours once proof is submitted for approval).

  • TEXT, PHOTOGRAPHS and/or ARTWORK—begins the process of design and layout. All text, photos or artwork should be submitted at the same time. Until all the materials are received, design cannot take place.
  • TEXT—for the project should be presented in FINAL form–meaning it has already been reviewed and edited by your department BEFORE presented to Public Relations. Text is best submitted in a WORD Doc file. Do not use bold, italics or any other formatting as it is lost when the file is imported into the layout. Use only single spacing and add a hard return between paragraphs. The designer will format the text.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS and/or ARTWORK—can be submitted in the following formats: BMP, EPS and/or Postscript, TIF, JPG, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Use the highest resolution for photos/artwork available.

Design Completion

When the project is ready for the (re)production process, the artwork will be uploaded to the CSU PrintCenter or to any outside vendor. Production arrangements can then be finalized by your department with said vendor. The Public Relations’ Graphic Designer would like to receive 10 samples of the product (if applicable).