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Counseling Services
Student Satisfaction Survey

Instructions: This brief survey seeks to evaluate your experience of services provided to you by Counseling Services. Your feedback is an extremely valuable part of assessing our services.

Counseling Services Telephone Numbers: Office: 937-376-6338 - Fax: 937-376-6048




Student Classification


Yes No


Yes No


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Yes No

Graduate Student

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Have you participated in any of the following listed Services by Counseling Services? Please choose all that apply:

Individual or Group Counseling

Yes No

Support Groups

Yes No

Training or Workshops

Yes No

Faculty or Staff Consultation

Yes No

Study Resource Room

Yes No

Relaxation Room

Yes No



I felt my counselor had a good understanding of the challenges I face.

My counselor responded to me with professional courtesy.

My counselor assured me of confidentiality.

I received the help I needed by seeing a counselor.

Overall, my experience with Counseling Services was satisfactory.

Seeing a counselor helped me improve my academic preparation.

I am returning for the next semester.

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