Hometown: Detroit, MI

High School: West Side Academy

Major: Manufacturing Engineering


Campus Involvement: Member of S.A.A.B. (Student African American Brotherhood), Student Activities Committee, Sophomore Class Vice President.


Why did you choose CSU?
I came to Central State University, because I felt like I would benefit a lot by coming here. The STEM program here is very engaging and they encourage me to strive. I also wanted to attend an university where I would feel at home and CSU just felt like it was the right fit.


What do you like most about CSU?
The opportunities at Central State University are endless.  In my first year at CSU, I had incredible experiences in and outside of the classroom. I don’t think any other university would have offered me the opportunities that I’ve been able to participate in here. What I love most about the University are the people. A lot of other universities claim to have a family feel, but it's evident on CSU's campus. I came here by myself and from the day I stepped foot on CSU campus, I have been shown lots of love and support. I couldn't see myself at any other institution.


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