Hometown: Anderson, IN

High School: Anderson High School

Class of: 2020

Major: Psycology

Minor: Biology


Campus Involvement: Tour Guides, Freshman Class Treasurer, Iconic Modeling Org, FCLA, B.O.S.S Bros Step Team.


Why did you choose CSU?
To be honest, I was immediatiely attracted to Central State because it was  affordable and it wasn't too far away from Indiana. Immediately after I applied to CSU, they began reaching out to me and were exteremely helpful with the admission process.


Favorite CSU Memory?
Performing in my first fashion show and step show in the same night would have to be my favorite memory. One of first organizations I joined at CSU was Iconic Modeling as well as the Boss Bros. Being highly involved on campus takes a lot of self-determination and focus, but its also one of the things I love the most about CSU. The campus life here keeps you busy and motivated.


Funniest Experience while Giving a tour?
My most fun experience while on a tour would have to be doing the mannequin challenge with a group of high school students from Cleveland, OH. That’s unforgettable.