Hometown: Dayton, OH

High School: Thurgood Marshall High School

Class of: 2016

Major: Mathematics


Campus Involvement: Royal Court (Mr. Junior), Resident Advisor, S.A.A.B, J’Adore Fashion


Why did you choose CSU?
I chose to attend Central State University because of the tour I took when I was a senior in high school. Seeing the family–knit community and cultural traditions attracted me to CSU. Since being here, I have developed a second family. There’s nothing that the staff wont do for you. I have been able to participate in a lot of different activities and I have even had the opportunity to travel. The University has a phenomenal STEM program and the teachers really seem to care about my success academically. Also, my mother graduated from CSU and spoke highly of her experience here as well.


What do you like most about CSU?
One of my greatest experiences here at Central State University was Homecoming Weekend. From the vendors’ fairs to the step-show, there was always something to do. I also had the chance to meet with alumni from all over the country and hear about their experiences at Central. There are a lot of things that I love about Central State, but that has to be one of the most memorable times. Also, I would have to say campaign week. I had the opportunity to run for Mr. Junior and participate in the Mr. & Miss Central State University Pageant. I had a lot fun campaigning that week and really appreciated how the students and staff supported me.


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