Hometown: Detroit, MI

High School: West Side Academy

Class of: 2015

Major: Communication Broadcast Media


Campus Involvement: Student Government Association (Inter-Organization Coucil Senator), Cheerleader, Evolution T Modeling, Communications Council Committee.


Why did you choose CSU?
I wanted to attend Central State University because of the atmosphere. I visited the University prior to attending and really felt at home. There were students here that talked like me, and dressed like me, and shared similar interest. But, there was also a great since of welcoming and acceptance here. I immediately became someone little brother and no other university had that family feel that CSU has. I’ve always wanted to attend a Historically Black University, ever since watching the movie “Drumline” & “Stomp the Yard.” I also didn’t want to go too far away from home.


What do you plan on doing when you graduate?
Since I was in middle school I have always wanted to become a radio personality.


What do you like most about CSU
What I love most about Central State University is that there are people here that care about you, both staff and students. With the small classroom sizes, you aren’t just recognized by a number but the staff actually take the time to get to know you as an individual. Central State University is a small institution with huge opportunities.