Hometown: Cleveland, OH

High School: Shaw High School

Class of:  2019

Major: Early Childhood Edcation


Campus Involvement: Tour Guide, TRIO, and employee at the school bookstore


Why did you choose CSU?
I honestly did not choose CSU, Central chose me. I was supposed to attend University of Akron, but I was stressing on how I would pay for it. Two days later, Central called me and told me that I was given the Freshman Scholarship, and based on my FAFSA I would not have a balance. This was basically a blessing, and the next day I was at Central State for Pirate week.


Favorite CSU memory?
My favorite CSU memory is “Pirate Week.” The week right before classes start, and all the incoming freshmen move in before upperclassmen. That whole week we bond as an incoming class and get to know one another. Also, we got to experience campus for ourselves and what Central is about. We learned about how to transition from high school to college, as well as some Central State history, and of course we had fun. Pirate Week honestly made me love my HBCU.


What do you like most about CSU?
Central State is truly a family environment, it is my home away from home. I made life, long friends from different areas, as well as people who live in the same city as me. Everyone here looks out for one another, and you will never have to worry about being a lone. Also, there are plenty of organizations and activities to get involved in on campus. Therefore, once my school work is done, I am never bored, there is always something to do.