Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

High School: Mt. Healthy High School

Class of : 2019

Major: Psycology



Campus Involvement:  Iconic Models, Campus Activity Board, Student Ambassador


Why did you choose CSU?

I didn’t choose CSU, It chose me. I say this because I was originally supposed to go to another HBCU, but due to financial reason I didn’t make it there. I then took a whole year off and that next fall I was introduced to Central State. At first I did think I would enjoy myself here and thought it would be just a school to attend to further myself. The more I got involved the more I fell in love with Central. Central has help me grow in more ways than I could have ever imaged!.


What do you like most about CSU?

Here at Central we are very family oriented! I love how small and close nit we are. I also like that everyone is almost involved in some organization here on campus.


Favorite CSU memory / Favorite place to be on campus?

My favorite place to be on campus is in Robeson! That’s where the family vibe is always at especially when our family members are performing and showing off their talents!